These maps show the routes of the various journeys described in the category RIDES . The link should take you to gmaps pedometer, a very handy site that allows you to record your route (‘straight lines’ or ‘manual’ is best, I find, as my routes often take me by little hidden paths which the automatic calculator can’t handle). If you view the maps in ‘satellite’ it gives a good notion of the country side, while ‘terrain’ gives a better sense of the geography. You can also call up a profile of the route.

1 Dream Roadster Shakedown (14 June 2013) – route

2. ‘Hence, loathèd melancholy’ :  an evening’s run to Elcho Castle on the Dream Roadster (19 June 2013) – route

3. How many gears does a man need? Perth circular northwards, by Almondbank, Pitcairngreen, Bankfoot & Murthly (20 June 2013) – route

4. Autumn circular with brambles, hips & haws – by Necessity Brae to Strathearn and back via Craigend (23 September 2013) – route

5. The dark secret of Pottiehill (All Saints’ Day 1 November 2013) – route

6. ‘Blow, blow thou winter wind!’ (14 November 2013) – route 

7. Carefree, car-free circuit of Perth (19 November 2013) – route

8. In Just Spring: impromptu circular of Perth (11 March 2014) – route

9. Glorious 1st of June: Eastward Reconnoitre (1 June 2016) – route

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