me in a bowtie(photo (c) Kate Ward 2014 – All rights Reserved)

John Ward is the author of four published books: The Secret of the Alchemist (Studio 9, 2003); The Stone of Sorrow (Studio 9, 2004) City of Desolation (Studio 9, 2005) – these have been variously translated into French, Italian, Spanish, German, Greek, Turkish, Polish and Serbian;

and The Comet’s Child (Strident, 2008)

He studied philosophy and english at Edinburgh a long time ago.

He was for a time Treasurer of the Society of Authors in Scotland, an attainment he still regards with amazement.

In 2017 he set, printed, sewed and bound 100 copies of his Dan Brown satire The McAvinchey Codex, his first exercise in Extreme self Publishing.