The McAvinchey Codex : excerpts

Who buys a pig in a poke? No man – nor woman neither, unless she happens to be in the market for such a thing. So try before you buy – five delicious samples of Bron Dawn’s deathless prose. Let’s hope the flavour is to your taste…

Excerpt 1 – Wigtown Edition Title Page and Prologue

Excerpt 2 – McAvinchey Codex Title Page/Blurb, preamble, start of Chapter 1, ‘He ain’t the guy’

Excerpt 3 – start of Chapter 3 ‘A man can’t help his face’

Excerpt 4 – start of Chapter 12, ‘Lying, bewitched, by the wardrobe’

Excerpt 5 – start of Chapter 25, ‘The man in the golden mask’