Making McAvinchey: a tale of extreme self-publishing




This is an account of how I typeset, printed, sewed and bound one hundred copies of a book I had written, The McAvinchey Codex, in August and September 2017 and took it to the Wigtown Book Festival.

The blog began publishing on 18 February 2018 and continued on a daily basis (with some weekends off) till 23 March. It may resume if I decide to repeat the exercise. The list of contents below links to all the chapters.  You will also find links at the foot of each chapter page to preceding and succeeding chapters.

Chapter 1: How did it happen?

Chapter 2: We Happy Few – a dedicated band

Chapter 3: A visit to the printer’s

Chapter 4: WYSINWYG: The great Adobe Acrobat booklet-printing mystery

Chapter 5: A visit to another printer’s – making it real

Chapter 6: The Joy of Numbers

Chapter 7:  Costing a book – the general shape of the thing

Chapter 8: Costing a book – necessary hardware

Chapter 9:  Costing a book – estimating quantities

Chapter 10: The Singular Delight of Endpapers

Chapter 11: Costing not less than everything

Chapter 12: The time it takes – typesetting in InDesign

Chapter 13: The time it takes – printing multiple copies

Chapter 14: The first day of volume production

Chapter 15: Economy of effort and material

Chapter 16: Rounding or backing? – mulling it over

Chapter 17: The Friday the car blew up

Chapter 18: Keeping in trim

Chapter 19: Gargantua the Chinese guillotine

Chapter 20: Wise saws and modern instances

Chapter 21: Helping Hands

Chapter 22: The Joy of Sewing

Chapter 23: A muddled history – or a history of muddle?

Chapter 24: Marking up

Chapter 25: Stamping out

Chapter 26: Casing in

Chapter 27: Pushing it

Chapter 28: Past, present and future