I was born a long time ago. I went to school in Perth and Dundee and to University in Edinburgh, where I became addicted to philosophy. I taught at the Royal High School then at Inverness College. I have published five books – The Secret of the Alchemist, The Stone of Sorrow and City of Desolation, a trilogy published by Studio 9 and translated into various languages; The Comet’s Child, published by Strident; and The McAvinchey Codex, a Dan Brown parody and an exercise in extreme self publishing, which I wrote, typeset, printed, sewed and bound myself, a feat detailed elsewhere on this website (under E.S.P.) I own rather more old bicycles than any man should, including several Sunbeams and a Dursley Pedersen, and I now live in Carnoustie, a short walk from the sea, baking bread and cooking when I am not at my writing desk.